Maintaining your PC is very important, may it be from external online threats or internal software wear and tear. Well, if you just thought that how could internal software slow down a PC, then you are wrong! While working on a PC we use a lot of files and resources which slowly, yet steadily hampers the speed and performance of your machine. So, to keep your computer in good health and protect it from external threats, you should install Norton Utilities 16 or nu16 on your computer or laptop by visiting

What is nu16 or Norton Utilities16

You must have heard about Norton Antivirus, and how powerful it is against combating external threats like viruses, malware, ad-ware and cyber crime. So nu16 or in other words “Norton Utilities 16” is a tool that scans your PC and removes harmful unwanted stuff like malware and viruses. The software can be downloaded by visiting Apart from this it also speeds up your computer and optimizes its processing power and RAM. It also makes sure that the computer can give best performance during gaming and streaming. So let us look at some amazing features of nu16

  • Optimizes a computer’s processing power, RAM and memory when resource acquiring programs are launched
  • Smooth user experience while streaming, gaming and using high-power editing software
  • Cleans your machine and fixes common issues that are caused by commonly used apps, resulting in better performance
  • Removes unwanted programs from the start-up sequence which usually makes your computer or laptop slow while loading up and starting
  • Cleans or deletes unwanted temporary files from your hard drive created by apps that are not in use. This results in your PC performing faster
  • Removes personal documents that are no more useful for good, so that external threats cannot access them
  • Clears out files from browser file downloads after use, which helps in maintaining digital privacy
  • Norton Utilities has an easy-to-use interface which makes it simple for the user in operating the program
  • NU16 makes sure to intelligently use your computer’s resources so it continuously monitors your PC’s health and also works the most when your PC is idle and not when you are working

You just learnt about some features of Norton’s nu16. It is pretty much likely that you will also install it on your computer or laptop. So here is how to install nu16 on your PC so that so can make your computer even faster and safer.

How to install nu16 or Norton Utilities 16 from

Follow this simple step-by-step guide so that you can install Norton Utilities 16 on your Laptop. But before we move further, it should be made sure that your PC or laptop the meets the minimum requirements for installing the software.

Minimum requirements for installing nu16

  1. 1. Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10 (Please note, nu16 is not available for Mac OS or older windows operating system)
  2. 2. RAM – at least 2 GB of RAM should be available on your PC or laptop
  3. 3. CPU – 1 GHz
  1. 4. Free space – 100 MB
  2. 5. CD or DVD rom if you do not wish t download it from the internet and then install
  3. 6. Internet connection – Internet or WI-Fi connection is mandatory to register the product

Now let us learn as how to install and activate NU16 on your PC or laptop

  1. 1. Visit and download nu 16 on your PC
  2. 2. You will see that the file has automatically downloaded, just double-click on the downloaded file, then click “Run” and then click “Yes”
  3. 3. A window will open which will read “Welcome to Norton Utilities Setup Wizard”
  4. 4. Here, click on “I Agree”
  5. 5. It will automatically start installing nu16 and once prompted, click on “Finish”
  6. 6. As the installation has now finishes, you will have to register it, so fill in the asked details in the form
  7. 7. There is an activation code required, here is how to get it –
    1. a. Click on “Purchas Online” button
    2. b. Now click on the “buy Now” button
    1. c. Here the page will show you the summary, you have to check if all info is correct and click on “Checkout”
    2. d. Fill in the required details including the email address that you filled in while the installation process and click on “Create Account” button
    3. e. Once done, you will again be taken to the payments page, where you will have to fill in the payment details and then click on “Checkout”
  1. 8. You will now receive the “Activation code” on the email address that you used during registering the account
  2. 9. Input the activation code and click on “Activate Now” button

Your PC or laptop is now safe from malware and your PC’s health will intelligently monitored by Norton Utilities 16.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Do not download nu16 from any other site except as other sites are not authentic and may install malicious software on your computer.
Your PC or laptop is now safe from malware and your PC’s health will intelligently monitored by Norton Utilities 16.