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Norton Antivirus Product www.norton.com/setup is a one-stop solution for fixing your entire virus and threat-related problems. If you are wondering which antivirus solution is best for your device, then you may choose Norton without giving it a second thought. Norton covers every feature and function which is required to protect a system against a virus or threat. No matter what measures you are taking, Norton should be your priority. In the world of ever-growing scams, you must take preventive measures to safeguard yourself from becoming a victim of online as well as offline scams.

Protect your business data

If you are looking to protect your business data, then Norton antivirus is one of the most recommended security software which will give you offline as well as online protection from data theft. Business data is very crucial for the productivity of the organization. It not only protects the personal details of employees but also keeps official documents and reports hidden from the prying eyes of hackers.

Norton provides complete protection to your data by encrypting the sensitive information over the internet as well as gives you endpoint protection.

Protect your personal data

We are slaves to our habits of internet surfing which is fun yet exploring the internet for information through unknown sources could lead to uninvited access in your digital privacy. No matter what instrument you use to browse internet like personal desktops, mobile phones or laptops, it requires safety measures to ensure no one is spying on your online activities.

Norton gives you the peace of mind by keeping everything and everyone unwanted out of your digital world so you can enjoy safe browsing without getting into any trouble.

Welcome to Norton.com/setup – Get the best offers and updates

It is the Uniform Resource Locator, where you can set up your Norton antivirus. By clicking on this URL, Norton.com/setup a page will appear, in this page, you have to enter the Norton product key, which you have purchased along with Norton antivirus product package.

Retrieve your product key to get started with Norton

A Norton Product key is a 25 digit alphanumeric character code which you need to activate or renew your Norton subscription. You have to enter the product key to get started with the Norton security via norton.com/setup.

To retrieve your product key, you need to first login to your registered email ID that you used while purchasing the Norton subscription. Go to inbox and retrieve the key send to you by Norton in the order confirmation email.

In case of retail shop purchase, just peel off the back cover of your retail card and retrieve the product key

What is the meaning of the dark web?

It is a place where scammers can easily sell and buy personal information of the people so that they can carry out their evil tasks. We can call it a hidden layer of the Internet which is not accessible to the common man but a hacker can use it to infect our systems or steal our personal information.

Which parental tools does Norton offer?

Norton.com/setup provides various tools and products that help you secure your kid’s privacy over the Internet. Being a responsible person, if you wish to use parental control features on your kid’s device, then Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton Family Premier could be the best option for you.

How to update payment details in Norton?

To do so, login to your Norton account and click on the “Billing Information” tab. Edit the information that you wish to change. After this, you will be prompted to enter the captcha code the same as it appears on the screen. In the end, click on the “save” option to save the changes you have made.

Does Norton 360 protect Apple devices?

If you wish to know that you can use Norton 360 on iPhone or iPad, then the answer is “Yes”. The NEW Norton 360 (2019 edition) can be used to protect Apple devices from viruses and threats. It has unique and excellent features that have been specially designed for iOS users.

What is the use of Norton LifeLock?

It is a membership-based subscription service that includes innovative monitoring technology. It also has alert tools to help protect you against identity theft and alike. It uses the propriety technology to find out millions of data points to look for the presence of threats but it is available only in the US.

What is Norton Virus Protection Promise?

It is a benefit that users get with their subscription whenever they buy a Norton product. Using this service, you can get help from Norton experts so that you can easily detect and remove viruses from your devices. If you are not provided with the service, then you are eligible to get a refund.