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Norton.com/setup- Quick and easy steps to activate Norton setup

Get Norton antivirus, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-ransomware, browser, and much more to secure your data
and devices completely from virus attacks.

In today’s time, there are online threats that can harm your device much more than the virus and malware attacks. There are different kinds of online threats that can easily infect your devices and give them access to cybercriminals access to personal data.

The Norton antivirus and security software are designed to help the computers and data to fight back the smartphones or tablets against the virus and malware attacks. The Norton security does include the multiple layers of defense that help you to block all the vulnerable threats that infect your devices from vulnerable threats that can easily infect your devices.


You can avail of Norton security via www.norton.com/setup. The Norton antivirus is one of the most recommended software that you can easily download via Norton.com/setup. If you talk about its quality features and functions of Norton antivirus then there are many prominent features of Norton antivirus security that are available once you set up Norton antivirus software via Norton.com/setup. With Norton antivirus, you can easily deal with the errors and issues that are caused by viruses, malware, and trojans.

Some of the Notable features of Norton security

The Norton security software includes different defenses that work against virus malware. The Norton antivirus comes with the technology that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) along with machine learning. The www.norton.com/setup for Malware, spyware, and trojans is one of the world’s largest antivirus that comes with cyber intelligence networks. The features of Norton antivirus security software helps the user to block the malware and other vulnerable threats.

  • 01) It comes with an Intrusion Prevention System for PC and Mac.
  • 02) The Norton antivirus comes with advanced machine learning and AI intelligence.
  • 03) You can get the reputation protection that comes under valuable insights.
  • 04) You will get the behavioral protection for PC and Mac operating system.
  • 05) Your computer is protected with proactive exploit protection.
  • 06) It enables the user to work with a Power eraser on your PC.

What is malware? The malware is known to be Malicious software and there are many types of malware such as viruses, trojans, ransomware, and more. The malware infects the computers along with mobile devices that you operate.

How malware affect your devices with Norton antivirus?

The malware can easily infect your device in many ways and mostly when you are connected with the internet. The Norton uses the combination of technologies to look for the websites that may host the malware before you get it.

  • 01) Malware is in the form of human error.
  • 02) Web attacks in the face of phishing websites.
  • 03) There are app or software that can affect you in the form of “Bundles”.
  • 04) When you enter the log-in credentials.
  • 05) Malware occurs when you enter financial data.
  • 06) You can access the email in order to reset the passwords.

Learn the basic steps to download, install and activate Norton

How to download Norton antivirus via norton.com/setup?

  • 01) First of all, you have to sign in to the Norton account by tapping on the “Norton Sign In” option.
  • 02) If you do not have an account tap on the “Create account” on www.norton.com/setup.
  • 03) Once you sign in just tap on the option labeled as “Enter a new product key”.
  • 04) Enter the 25 alphanumeric key to activate the Norton subscription.
  • 05) Tap on the “Continue” option followed by a “Skip” option.
  • 06) Go through the license agreement and tap on the “Agree” option.
  • 07) After this, tap on the “Download” option.

How to run the Norton installation setup via norton.com/setup?

  • 01) Search for the downloaded file from the “Downloads” section.
  • 02) Tap on the “Downloaded Norton file twice to install.
  • 03) Now, hot the “Continue” option when it is prompted on-screen.
  • 04) Just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • 05) Now, you have to follow on-screen prompts to complete the installation process.

How to activate the setup Norton on your device via norton.com/setup?

  • 01) Tap on the “Norton” icon and hit on the “Open” button from the “My Norton” window via the norton.com/setup option.
  • 02) After this, you will be redirected to a window where you can tap on the “Activate Now” option.
  • 03) Enter the product key in the space provided.
  • 04) After. This, tap on the “Next” option to complete the Norton activation.
  • 05) Your Norton product now ready to be accessed on your device.


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