This quarantine, Get Norton Parental control software free for 6 months

In this quarantine lock down period, Norton knows how to keep its customers secured and protected from the praying eyes. The security software company is offering a six-month free subscription related to parental control. The parents were earlier worried about the screen time before the school was closed and the kids to be all-time at home. However, now, if being a parent you type “Screen time stats” in the Google search bar then it will be automatically filled by the “During quarantine” in the search bar.

According to the recent reports by “The New York Times,” it is not to be freaked out about the screen time and its true that the studies with the screen time and other developed areas are not very reliable. However, there are many reasons for which toy want to manage the online activity of you kids such as monitoring Minecraft that might distract your kids from schoolwork or you might feel comfortable about the screen time of you know that your child was not landing on the irrelevant and fraud websites.

What Norton Parental Control offers you?

By the end of this May 31, you can avail of the services by Norton Family Premier, where you will get the parental control software from the security software, Norton for 6 months. The advantage is you can save half amount of money per month.

You can use the menu for 40 wen filtering categories that are available to decide which theme you wish Norton to block it. The ranges are available from the sites themed around the drugs and other dangerous content present in the file sharing and the online chat that comes in handy when the kids use it. The google searches, Youtube history, and screen time access are also limited to your hands.

What more offered by Norton Parental controls this Quarantine?

You can opt to send a warning despite blocking and deleting a site that can give a sense of security and adapting to security software features to your kids. If there are some important websites such as websites related to one to share documents for schools is blocked by instant then you can reverse the settings from the notification tab.

The PCs, Android, and iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones are now good to go if you talk in security terms however Norton cannot be downloaded on the MAC operating systems for laptops and desktops. The most specific results that come across when you use Norton’s browser rather than Safari or the Chrome web browsers.

Final verdict:

The Norton Parental control is very essential and crucial when you are working from home. Point to understand is that, if the security solution is putting across all the efforts to deliver the utmost

security to the customers then it is the responsibility of the users that trust the services and the products of the Norton Parental control and avail the services for the 6 months on a trial period. Visit:- More Information :- |

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